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They can't work as a team

From John Massengale comes word that Rem Koolhaas continues to make desperate cries to rescue architecture, while missing what's right in front of his nose.

"The work we do is no longer mutually reinforcing, but I would say that any accumulation is counterproductive, to the point that each new addition reduces the sum's value," - Rem Koolhaas

Koolhaas has been desperately trying to save architecture since before S, M, L, XL. He is unfortunately condemned to remain a "voluntary prisoner." As I pointed out in the previous post on geometry, it is the modern paradigm itself that is defective. Only when architects accept that they build space, not objects, that this space is part of a larger network of spaces and that what they do is ultimately determined by this network of space, not their own creative genius (while still allowing for difference and uniqueness) will architecture once again be mutually reinforcing.

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